It is amazing that in a city like London a studio of this class and calibre is one of the best well-kept secrets in the music industry. What places this particular studio amongst the BEST in London? Or could it be because it just is?

Reasonable rates and NOT overpriced like most studios in the same league.

A cool, clean, creative environment with a minimalist atmosphere.

One of the most well equipped sound/music recording and production studios.

Fully loaded with top of the range technology and the best production equipment on the market.

Easy access and parking.

Creative support (sound engineer, musicians, backing singers etc)… Whatever you need just ask and it shall be provided.

All genres of music from House, Rave, Jazz, Pop Underground, R n B, Reggae, Soul, Rock, Dance you name it has been recorded and produced at our studio.

We hate to blow our own trumpet but it would be unforgivable not to mention producers and engineers such as Louie Vega (MAW), Artful Dodger (remixes /producers), Steve Gurley, Soundboy Entertainment, Danny Foster and engineer/producer Da Vinci alongside artistes like Shovel (M People), Guy S’mone, Marcus K (part of Lemar’s chart topping band), Hannah Vasanth, chart topper Carmen Reece and Dina Vassand many more zzzzzzzzzzz,zzzzzzzzzzz,zzzzz………………………

Our pricing is bespoke - tailored to the individual clients budgets and needs. We never look for customers only clients. When you book a session at our studio you will understand why.

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